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  • Common Symptoms

    Inguinal Hernia: A bulge in the groin which can come and go; gets bigger with straining... read more

    Femoral Hernia: A bulge in the groin or just below the groin crease, sometimes painful... read more

    Ventral Hernia: A bulge in the abdomen, sometimes painful sometimes not... read more

    Umbilical Hernia: Having an outie belly button which seems to be getting bigger... read more

    Gallbladder Stones: Pain in the right side, up by the rib cage or up under the rib cage after a... read more

    Colon Pathology: Typical symptoms include bloating, abdominal distention, blood in... read more

    Liver Pathology: Problems with the live can often present with right sided upper abdominal pain... read more

    • Current Surgical Concepts

      Pain Syndromes are Sometimes Beyond Surgery Alone Although surgery is effective for a multitude of pain processes, it cannot solve all of the syndromes occurring in patients. At times, surgery may even be counter-productive. What may have begun as a mechanical process, sometimes, if occurring for a long enough period, […]

    • Sports Hernia

      Sports Hernia is an injury characterized by pain in the groin, lower abdomen, and sometimes, the inner thigh, or “adductor region.” It usually exists in athletes, but this is not always the case, and although more common in males, sports hernias occur in females as well. The age range for […]

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    Video: Sports Hernia

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