What is a Sports Hernia Specialist?

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Wondering if you should choose a sports hernia specialist to treat your sports-related hernia? A hernia that is the result of playing sports refers to a soft tissue injury or actual tear in the groin area, which can be quite painful. It is often the result of a sudden change or direction in movement, with common symptoms being a pain in the groin area that only appears when playing sports, tenderness in the upper thigh or lower stomach area, a groin pain that is only experienced on one side and pain experienced when performing sit-ups or twisting exercises such as criss-crosses, Russian twists and windmills.

What is a sports hernia specialist?

A sports hernia specialist is a medical professional who has decided to focus on the treatment of sports-related hernias. When visiting a specialist for the first time, patients will need to provide their full medical history, as this allows them to understand their health background. They will then perform an examination on the patient and if necessary, order additional tests to eliminate other possibilities besides a hernia. These tests can include medical procedures like MRIs and bone scans.

Sports hernia treatment options

While it is possible for some sports-related hernias to get better without the need for surgery, most people who have a sports hernia will need to undergo surgery in order to get rid of their pain. The surgical route is necessary when physical therapy does not work and is considered to be a noninvasive procedure. While most people who have a sports-related hernia will often opt for physical therapy, it is important for them to understand that physical therapy alone cannot repair the tear causing the hernia.

Sports hernia surgery is noninvasive and does not take much time to perform. The recovery process tends to take anywhere between six and eight weeks, so this treatment option is recommended for the majority of those who have been diagnosed with a hernia from playing sports.

Famous athletes who have been diagnosed with a sports hernia

A sports-related hernia is not uncommon, with many famous athletes being diagnosed with a sports hernia and many more undergoing sports hernia surgery. A short list includes Tom Brady, Ryan Getzlaf, Sergei Zubov and Jeremy Roenick.

Are you currently in need of a specialist?

After reading the above information, is a sports hernia specialist in your near future? The fact that it can be hard to diagnose a sports hernia makes it necessary to make an appointment with a professional for a proper diagnosis. A specialist may determine that you are only in need of physical therapy to heal your hernia, or they may suggest that you undergo sports hernia surgery so you can get the pain relief you are looking for. It is also possible that they will recommend both treatment options, ensuring that you will fully heal from your sports-related hernia.

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