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Mark P. Zoland, M.D., F.A.C.S.

      Dr. Mark Zoland received his bachelor’s degree from Columbia University, and his medicine degree from Cornell University Medical College in 1993. He has been Board Certified and a Fellow of the American College of Surgeons since 2001. His areas of expertise include minimally invasive and laparoscopic surgery, laparoscopic and conventional hernia surgery, specialization in sports hernia surgery, and abdominal surgery. Dr. Zoland was trained in an exciting time for surgery, as it was a time where tried and true Classic Surgical Techniques were still taught, while the Minimally Invasive revolution had just begun. He therefore had the foundation of classic operative method, something which younger residents today do not get a chance to learn, while he was immersed in the wave of new technology and technique. Consequently, he is able to offer his patients many surgical options as he is not confined by his training. "My philosophy as a surgeon and as a physician, in general, is to solve a problem. Patients come in to the office from all over, and they have usually seen a multitude of doctors from a multitude of specialties. They have been bounced around, in many cases, because their problem did not fit that particular doctor's specialty, or it was not a quick and easy fix. I tell them that I am not a magician, that I cannot fix all issues, but that I will certainly give it my highest level of attention and thought. Groin pain is one of my specialties, and I view the area as a complex problem. Nonetheless, I have spent over a decade studying the area, and I do believe I have been able to help most people who walk through my door. Even if the medical condition does not fall under my area, I will spend time and effort getting my patients to the right person for the job. Unfortunately, medicine is changing so dramatically, both economically and politically, that it is hard for the patient to feel like they have an advocate. I see myself as their advocate, kind of like having a cousin in the business who is really attempting to guide you in the right direction to solve the problem. It may take more time and effort, but I sleep very well at night running my practice this way."



Operated on my 16 year old son and treated him like his own. Very compassionate and thorough answering questions and explaining procedure. Very calming and reassuring to the entire family. Great follow up and care! 

4 weeks ago Dr. Zoland repaired a bi inguinal hernia (actually 3 hernias) and last week, after only 3 weeks I was back in the gym!!! from start to end, my experience with Dr. Zoland was excellent. He responded to my call immediately and saw me promptly. Dr. Zoland patiently explained my options, listened to my questions and took his time ensuring I was informed and comfortable. The ensuing surgery and recovery was a breeze. in and out in 4 hours!!! feeling 100% today.

I, an engineer and detail person, interviewed various surgeons to repair a hernia. Dr. Zoland was the only one who took the time to fully explain his method of repair and upon my request, drew on paper the surgical steps that he would use and explained the technical reasons why his approach would be a permanent repair and not temporary as friends of mine experienced with their hernia repairs. After 3 years, my repair is permanent. Dr. Zoland is thorough and is the best.  ‚Äč