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Sports Hernia News

  • Graded Body Rotation

    Graded Body Rotation

    Perhaps, if you are a football fan, you have recently seen Aaron Rodgers throw the football in some of the most exciting games of the season. What you may have noticed is that he is, indeed, quite spectacular. One reason, many have stated, is that he throws the ball with […]

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  • Major League Hip and Groin Pain

    A recent article in The American Journal of Orthopedics by Coleman et. al. is titled “The Epidemiology of Hip and Groin Injuries in Professional Baseball Players.” It is an interesting study for two reasons. The first is that baseball has not been one of the leading offenders in regards to […]

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  • Kids and Sports; Some Thoughts

    Kids and Sports; Some Thoughts

    I always watch my kids playing organized sports with a mix of fascination, pride and, well, horror. Like all parents, I am fascinated by how good some of the kids are, and certainly I am proud of my own kids (I am a parent after all). But as a surgeon […]

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  • On Preventing Sports Hernias

    On Preventing Sports Hernias

    A patient of mine recently pointed out an article by Mike Cantrell: The Soccer Players’ Tug of War: A Simple Understanding of Athletic Pubalgia and Sports Hernias. I read the article and two thoughts followed. First, great understanding of the structures and the dynamic opposition which occurs. Second, the point […]

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  • Dynamic Stretching Routines: Love Them

    As I stood at the 700 degree Weber grilling steaks next to my lacrosse coach brother-in-law this weekend, I brought up the fact that my lacrosse playing population sustaining groin injuries was on the rise. Proportionally, he told me, this makes sense, as Lacrosse is a fast growing sport, and […]

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  • Explosive Moves-Friend or Foe

    I recently watched the footage of the Darrelle Revis injury, and I was struck by the force he generated in the change of direction, and the consequent ACL tear he suffered.I spoke with the Orthopedic Surgeon who takes care of the Jets, and we were comparing the Sports Hernia injury […]

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  • Protecting your groin: attempt to avoid injury

    Protecting your groin: attempt to avoid injury

    Injury in the groin generally occurs in two ways. There is the acute, explosive maneuver which immediately causes the tear at the pubis. But more commonly, and less known, is the frequent low level micro-tears which can build up to a point where chronic pain becomes prevalent. In either case, […]

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  • Radiofrequency denervation of the inguinal ligament

    Radiofrequency denervation of the inguinal ligament for the treatment of “Sportsman’s Hernia:” a pilot study, by Jules Comin, et al., appeared in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, on September 5, 2012. This is an extremely interesting article for many reasons. One, which is presented by the paper itself, is: […]

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  • The female athlete and increasing injury trends

    The female athlete and increasing injury trends

    I attended the 2016 Soccer Medicine Symposium last night in New York. Several points made during the lectures were not surprising: the fact that soccer is becoming exceedingly popular in the US, especially with the female gender; the fact that children are choosing a single sport at a younger age; […]

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  • ESPN – Sport Science

    I recently watched an ESPN video entitled “Sport Science: Aroldis Chapman,” in which the mechanics of the 105 mph pitcher were examined. Although the torque Chapman generates on his elbow and shoulder are extraordinary, his separation of lower and upper body are to me, astonishing. As pointed out by Tom […]

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  • NHL Ducks

    NHL Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf apparently played in the Western Conference finals with a sports hernia, as revealed on the NBC Sports website. Ultimately, he did not need surgery. It is important to realize that not all sports hernia diagnoses are ultimately a surgical problem. In the right setting, with […]

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  • ‘Treatment of the Sportsman’s groin’: British Hernia Society’s 2014 position statement based on the Manchester Consensus Conference

    A recent consensus position was published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine regarding Sports Hernia/Athletic Pubalgia: ‘Treatment of the Sportsman’s groin’: British Hernia Society’s 2014 position statement based on the Manchester Consensus Conference. In the article, the term which was agreed upon by a group of specialized groin injury […]

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