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Hernia Education

  • Five ways to develop better focus for your child, and yourself.

    We all read about strategies which help our children in different realms. We often forget, however, that these same strategies are good for ourselves as well. This is no different when developing skills regarding concentration and focus. In fact, in this world of constant distraction, we would do well to […]

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  • The two most important things to teach your daughter to help avoid injury.

    Knee injuries, specifically Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) tears have become an epidemic for the young female athlete. Statistics from the NCAA have shown a significant likelihood of injury in the female athlete over their male counterparts. The reasons for this are thought to be a combination of anatomy, and training. […]

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  • 3 things to make you live longer – you never would have guessed.

    Most things which help longevity are obvious and have been known for a long time. A smart sensible diet, moderation, good genetics, positive attitude are all components of promoting a long life. Obvious, right? But there are some things you may never have logically surmised. The first is caring for […]

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  • 5 important foods after surgery

    Although all surgeries are different and all patients unique, there are common components to every operation. For example, in all procedures, there is some degree of tissue disruption and a subsequent healing process. The healing process is greater in larger procedures, and smaller in lesser, more minimally invasive ones. But […]

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  • The best decision a parent can make for their child-athlete

    Having your child take part in athletics is important. We’ve all heard about the health, psychological, and social benefits. As a surgeon who takes care of a good many teens with sports injuries, I have an insight into one aspect of the young athlete and it is advice I dispense […]

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  • 3 common gallstone symptoms you’ve never heard of

    3 common gallstone symptoms you’ve never heard of

    Did you know that it is estimated that approximately 10% of people live with gallstones? Classic symptoms of gallbladder problems are right sided pain, usually sharp, and under the rib cage. Sometimes the pain radiates to the back. Most people don’t know, however that other typical symptoms exist. Nausea, especially […]

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    What is an Inguinal Hernia and How Should it be Repaired ?

    Understanding Inguinal Hernias is not easy. The anatomy in the groin region, is complex, and even for the surgical resident in training, has a three dimensional nature that takes years to understand. The anatomy begins at the level of the umbilicus (belly button) and continues down to the groin crease […]

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  • Should your surgery be performed by a robot?

    Should your surgery be performed by a robot?

    There is little argument that the technology advances over the last decade regarding medical robotics are rather staggering. Surgeons in all specialties are now able to sit at a console next to, or even several rooms away from, their patients while conducting a surgery. A first time observer would truly […]

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  • Laparoscopic versus Open Inguinal Repair: Revisited

    Laparoscopic versus Open Inguinal Repair: Revisited

    A recent article regarding open versus laparoscopic inguinal hernia repair was written by Westin M.D. et al. It is entitled “Less pain one year after total extra-peritoneal repair compared with Lichtenstein using local anesthesia–data from a randomized controlled clinical trial.” In the trial, 384 patients were randomized and operated upon […]

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  • Why Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair Is Better Than Open Repair

    Why Laparoscopic Inguinal Hernia Repair Is Better Than Open Repair

    Does it matter whether your inguinal hernia is repaired Laparoscopically or with a conventional Open Repair? YES, it absolutely does. Many surgeons, who do NOT perform the laparoscopic repair, will tell you that it does not matter, or that the open repair is better. This, in our opinion, a group […]

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  • Ventral Hernia Evolution

    Ventral Hernia Evolution

    Large Ventral Hernias have seen an evolution in surgical care over the last 2 decades. The advent of minimally invasive surgery and robotic surgery has become commonplace for many surgical maneuvers, however, not necessarily so with large Ventral Hernia Repair. While the trend swung heavily toward Laparoscopic Ventral Hernia Repair […]

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